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شبح أزرق في محطة بنزين

ghost-16.jpg الشعوذة في الفن 7Thumbnailsطلاسم على جلابياتالشعوذة في الفن 7Thumbnailsطلاسم على جلابيات

What locals and security experts are describing as the apparition of a blue ghost - or possibly angel - has been filmed at a gas station in Parma, USA.

The blue cloud quickly darts around the gas station, then sits still for half an hour, then flies off camera at lightning speed.

Speculation includes it being a ghost, demon, angel, or spirit of the native American traditional landholders.

Full article at Half Life

News report including high quality video at Youtube

What are your thoughts? Is this a viral marketing campaign, perhaps for Marathon Gas?

If the report is true in saying it was captured on security camera, then why does the camera follow the ghost around as if it is someone using a handheld video camera?

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Photo of blue ghost from the source article.